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J&S Weighing Solutions, a Member of Precia Molen Group, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of automatic bulk weighing scale applications. We apply our experience to provide a range of fully-enclosed bulk scales along with their control systems which have been designed to fit into any operation without adding unnecessary complexity.


Over the years, our experience in the weighing of loose products has allowed us to develop a range of hopper scales extending from 5K to 120K BPH, with legal for trade certification, and ability to install scales in hazardous areas (addressing seismic, windy and explosive areas).


Our hopper scales are ideal when used to load or unload railcars, barges, ships or trucks of granular products, such as grains, cake, wood pellets, etc. Upon request, specific models are also available for fertilizer, by-products, sugar, coal, mineral ores, etc. Our hopper scales are built to last, robust and reliable, and fitted with quality components ensuring long-term working order with little maintenance. These scales are designed to suit any limited space. Our experts have designed scales embedded in a floating weighing tower, scales for very high or low density products, scales for very high flow, or scales with a shape or size adapted to the customer’s requirements. Our engineering team is also able to custom-design a bulk weigher to meet your requirements in height, weight, etc. while retrofitting or upgrading your operations.

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