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This heavy-duty scale is the solution to your livestock weighing needs. J&S Weighing Solutions livestock scales are built for the demanding use in the livestock industry. Each unit is made of high quality welded steel construction and includes four rugged and accurate shear beam load cells. It may be equipped with a digital weight indicator, a printer and your choice of accessories. NTEP approved with guaranteed accuracy.

Standard Platform Sizes
Livestock Scale

12' X 8'

16' X 8'

20' X 10'

Other sizes available upon request.

Livestock Scale Heavy Duty Construction

Standard models include a rubberized compound deck that has a 20-year warranty.

Livestock Scale Rubber Decking

The flat top livestock scales are manufactured with channel iron decking supports. The side racks have heavy duty vertical  square post. The side rails and end gates are constructed with square tubing. This is the heaviest-duty scale on the market today!

Livestock Scale Gate Latch

End gate latching system allows for gate to swing in and out.

Livestock Scale Enclosure

Optional rack mounted weatherproof enclosure for indicator and printer.

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