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  • Direct replacement for a common dual 10, single 15 or single 25-bushel mechanical dump scale.

  • Certified, legal-for-trade weights during load-out.   

Retro Fit Automatic Bulk Scale System


Eliminate the wait for destination weights to invoice. The Retro FIT ABS System is an NTEP Certified system that will provide certified weights at time of loading which allows you to invoice shipments immediately.

Utilizes our I 410 Indicator with ABS Software

  • With our I 410 indicator you simply select the commodity and target weight then hit start. All from the ground level.

  • The ABS Software offers the ability to:

    • Quickly and easily adjust to different products and flow.

    • Record the results of operations in a PC-compatible file for use in advanced processing.

    • Schedule a sequence of operations automatically E.g.: sequencing of one operation per rail car using data from the North American Railcar database

    • Remote control via an industrial field bus.

The software also offers 4 levels of access that provides effective security for the operation of the application by preventing access by unauthorized operators

The optional modular design allows it to fit through narrow head house windows for easy installation

Automatic Bulk Scale Retro Fit System

The J&S Automatic Bulk Scale includes:

  • Air operated feed gate, with inlet grate, transition and support frame

  • Weigh Hopper

    • 10 ga. carbon steel construction

    • load cells

    • Overfill limit switch

    • flanged discharge

  • Weigh hopper mounting frame

  • Upper Garner with support structure

  • Vent hood for dust control connection

  • Air operated weigh gate,

  • All electrical components at the weigh hopper (solenoid valves, limit switches, etc.) are 24V DC.

  • Air control panel with junction box

  • I 410 ABS Control System

  • Programmed tape printer in dust tight printer enclosure

  • Interconnecting cable

  • J&S On-site installation assistance/operator training

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