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What is a Self-Check Scale?

In addition to periodic checks, the Grain Industry has always preferred scales with a so-called dynamic check weighing device, which provides an "in process" check without interruption of the operations.


The Precia Molen Group has made a substantial investment in the development of a Self-Checking Scale device – SCS

  • Due the minimal deformation of the weighing system and installation method of the load cells, the system has an extremely short response and settling time; therefore you do not lose money without knowing it.

  • The results of each independent weighing system are checked automatically.

  • As the checks are carried out during the “no motion” detection time, no additional loss of time and throughput capacity occurs.

  • A warning occurs (and is recorded) when a small drift between the two channel is detected. The SCS system can be used to rapidly switch to the ok channel, without stopping the weighing operation until the corrections are made.

  • Both Master and Slave measurement units being commissioned in Legal for Trade, switching from one to the other will continue the loading operation in approved Legal Trade conditions.

SCS Advantages


Using the Self-Checking Scale device, it is no longer necessary in between to periodically verify the accuracy of the scale by using standard weights. The SCS system involves the use of a second, independent weighing channel with its own load cells and A/D converter, for all weighing runs.


The weights measured by this slave channel are periodically and routinely compared with the weights measured by the master channel, removing any risk of undetected gradual drift caused by mechanical or electrical factors. This provides the unquestionable assurance of constant weighing precision for the entire duration of automatic loading or

unloading operations.


This system may be used for commercial transactions or customs loading operations. In this case, both weighing channels are checked and approved separately, but in one single operation, as per the applicable regulations.

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